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I got pictures and stories in here regarding fetishes that are not common and may not suit your sensibilities. I take no responsibility if you are offended by anything you find in here, as you have been warned.

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Hey people and others,

I've been thinking for awhile now that I'm not sure if I want to write anymore. It's not that I've lost interest in the material, more that I just feel sort of fatigued. I don't know if I can even really explain what I feel right now... or even if I understand it. I just haven't felt any inclination to write or draw in half a year. I know I've taken long breaks between bouts of productivity but I'm not sure this one is going to end. It's not depression, I'm relatively sure of that. I guess I've just sort of lost my passion for creating this stuff.

I haven't lost interest in my own characters and the shenanigans they get up to, but anytime I think about writing it out I just don't find any reason to do so. I love them all, and I'd love to share everything I've thought about them and all the stuff I had planned but didn't get to. I don't know if I will though.

Okay, here's what's not going to happen: I'm not going to delete or deactivate my account or any of the deviations on it. Even if I think it's rubbish there are people who might still enjoy it and I'd like to leave it for them. I'm not going to leave either, just because I'm in a funk doesn't mean I don't still enjoy seeing other people create. I'm probably not going to stop writing period either, I've forayed into opinion pieces before and that has been more interesting than the stories have been for a little while.

I've written this partially because in the past during some of my un-inspired periods publicly announcing I wasn't interested in writing has somehow jump started my creativity back up and I hope it might be the case here. If that doesn't work, then it also at least explains why I've been inactive for so long and lays out what my intentions are for the future. 

I hope this is just a phase and that soon I'll get back to writing the stories you all have watched me for, but this is my immediate situation and train of thought. If not, well my gallery's got a pretty good number of deviations in it.



Sekiko's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I write fetish stories and draw fetish pictures, so fair warning from what you can expect from me.

I love it when other people use my characters in their art, so if you want to, don't be shy! Also, want a story/picture but I'm not taking requests/commissions? Send me a note anyway, I might take it on, but only if it's in a note (donating points might help you out too, just sayin').

What I will do: Pretty much anything 'normal', giantesses/shrunken man(women can be shrunk if in presence of a giant girl), big beautiful women (Fat girls), female gas play (farts, burps), facesitting, smothering, big boobs, anthro-people (animal-like people with mostly human proportions), squashing (sitting on or otherwise putting weight on another person), feet, sweat, spit, fem-dom (female domination), vore (swallowing a person whole) in various flavors but not hard

The list is not comprehensive, but it should be a good place to start for those who are in the fetish communities I tend to be apart of. I have done requests before but I really only like doing them for my friends, people who talk to me regularly and been cool to me even when I've been inactive. I appreciate comments on my deviations, but if it's only generic "awesome" or just attempts to start an RP I don't consider that talking to me. I also don't really RP, I go back and forth on it but odds are if I'm not at forum specifically for RPing then most likely I will not RP.

I have accounts on, fur affinity, and eka's portal and if you want the links you can either just google my username or ask me. The fur affinity account is under my old username though. These sites are where I'll post things that aren't DA safe.

Below is a link to my Tumblr, where you can go to ask any character of mine a question, submit your own stories or pictures of them, and suggest topics that I might write about on the blog (story ideas, my thoughts on stuff, explain more about my characters, etc). I've also been known to write short stories there.

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