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December 30, 2012
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Chun-Li was on a mission, she had received a supernatural power and now aimed to use it for justice, and so she searched for Juri Han. She wasn’t that hard to find, and Chun-Li soon confronted her in a large dark room. “Juri, you’re under arrest,” Chun-Li greeted, to which Juri smiled. “Oh dear Chun-Li, you say that like you mean it. We both know you could never arrest me, even if you wanted to.” Chun-Li didn’t respond but slipped into a starting stance. “Have it your way,” Juri said, and launched into an attack. Chun-Li deftly avoided it and performed a spinning bird kick that Juri blocked, and then knocked her back. Juri leapt forward to attack but Chun-Li stuck out her butt and farted.

“Ppprrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaappppppppppttttttttttttttt!” “Oh God that’s foul,” Juri moaned, falling on the ground, the stench stunning her. “This time you won’t get away,” Chun-Li said, fanning the air and hovered her butt just in front of Juri’s face. She let another rancid fart go, “pppppppfffffbbbbbllllltttttttttttt,” causing Juri to collapse and gag on the gas she was forced to breathe in. Chun-Li spread her cheeks and descended on Juri, revealing she was wearing no underwear or spandex, and her hole landed on Juri’s nose. Chun-Li farted more, and as her hole opened up to unleash the foul wind, it began to envelop Juri’s face.

Juri was bombarded with the most horrific gas she ever had to smell, and didn’t notice at first she was being swallowed, but when her head was hallway in Chun-Li’s hole, she finally realized what was happening and struggled against the force, placing a hand on both cheeks and pushing. Unfortunately, Chun-Li’s constant farting was sapping her strength and Juri was slowly being pulled in more; first her mouth was covered, then her whole head was inside. Her struggling grew weaker as she entered more, forced to breathe farts inside Chun-Li’s anus.

Chun-Li moaned in pleasure as Juri’s head slipped in all the way, the mixture of releasing her gas and having someone shoved up her ass was orgasmic. She simultaneously pulled Juri in more and more while pushing out her nasty farts, Juri’s struggles had unfortunately become pathetically weak, and Chun-Li almost felt sorry for her. Almost. She pulled in Juri up to her shoulders, and here the hard part began. Her hole opened up to accommodate the width, slowly sending Juri further up her colon, and ending any resistance from her hands, as they had become locked at the sides to be pulled in.

Juri’s shoulders had been pulled in now, and with it all hope of escape, but despite this Juri wiggled and tried to get free, to no effect but survival instincts were hard to ignore. The rest of her was coming in a little more quickly, Juri felt panic as her arms were coming in, then her wrists were passing through the anus, and soon her hands were inside to. She tried grabbing onto the edges of Chun-Li’s sphincter, but her grip didn’t hold and she continued her unwilling trek deep into Chun-Li.

Chun-Li moaned louder as Juri gripped the edges of her hole, but that didn’t last long. Now her waist would be next, and as Chun-Li’s butt pulled more of Juri in, it slowed to accommodate the extra width. Minutes passed by as Juri’s waist was pulled in, but when her butt had been pulled into Chun-Li’s own, the process sped back up. Juri’s thighs came up and slipped straight through into Chun-Li’s pucker, and soon the rest of her would pass through there as well.

Juri screamed as she felt herself almost fully enter Chun-Li, though it only got her a mouthful of nasty colon taste for her trouble. She could feel her legs still out there, and she was kicking as much as she could, but the farting hadn’t abated yet, and all the gas passing past her had made Juri quite unable to move, even if she could. Her legs slid quickly in and all that was left was her feet. She did all she could to keep them from doing so, but she heard Chun-Li say something, then her left foot came in, and the right one after. She felt her toes as the last to enter, and now she was completely inside Chun-Li.

“Just your feet left now, and soon you’ll be all nice and snug inside of my ass,” Chun-Li said, and felt Juri’s feet enter her ass. She sighed in relief and let out one last fart, “pppffftttt.” Chun-Li could feel the vibrations from Juri’s screams and wiggling, and sat down to let her power get to work. Over an hour Juri was broken down inside Chun-Li’s ass, and her mass was stored in Chun-Li’s butt cheeks, making them substantially bigger, giving Chun-Li much pleasure along with the new size. “That felt amazing, I must find others to make my ass bigger,” Chun-Li decided.

A Few Days Later…

Viper was hard at work at her computer, at her government agency job. Something had happened to Juri Han, she had suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth. She had found footage finally of what happened, and she watched intently as Chun-Li fought her, then proceeded to slowly pull Juri into her ass. “I… how… why,” Viper couldn’t even fathom what she had just seen. “Justice,” Chun-Li answered, having found a way into Viper’s office, despite not being in the agency or and without being troubled by her bigger butt.

Viper pulled out her gun and though looked calm and collected wasn’t on the inside, she was shaken by what happened to Juri. “I didn’t realize there was a camera there, I’d like to watch my work again,” Chun-Li said. “What are you doing here,” Viper asked. “With Juri gone I needed to find someone else to shove up my rear end, and I thought of you, my law enforcement rival,” Chun-Li said, smiling. “Surely Viper would feel lovely to have slither up my ass.” “That’s not going to happen,” Viper shot back. “Good luck with that,” Chun-Li said, then released a loud, powerful fart that filled the room with green gas, obscuring Viper’s vision.

Viper panicked, firing shots where Chun-Li had been, but when the gas dissipated Chun-Li wasn’t there. She looked around and saw nothing, still coughing from the smell, and then her world was dark. Her and shoulders had immediately been buried in some soft squishy thing that smelled horrible, and Viper struggled as she realized Chun-Li’s ass was swallowing her. Unfortunately Chun-Li continued farting, like she had with Juri, and Viper lost her strength, still standing while Chun-Li sat on her upper body, letting gravity do her swallowing.

As soon as she farted Chun-Li jumped into the air and clung to the ceiling, only when Viper had realized she wasn’t there and begun to search did she let go and get Viper nearly a quarter of the way up her ass. She moaned as gravity slowly brought her down, her expanding butt hole filling her with pleasure as she farted and swallowed up another morsel. With one of the natural forces aiding her, swallowing went a lot faster this time, quickly Viper’s arms and hands went up, then her waist, and after a minute or two she almost fell down as Viper’s legs and feet went up inside her ass, Chun-Li was filled with so much pleasure at once, though sacrificed more pleasure from a longer swallowing like Juri’s. The next hour saw Viper absorbed into her cheeks, making them quite big and round. Her outfit couldn’t hide all of her crack anymore, about half was exposed to the world, but she didn’t care, Chun-Li needed more people to go inside her, she didn’t care who.

The Next Day…

Chun-Li was deciding who to go after next when, quite by accident, she ran into Sakura at a water park. “Hello Chun-Li,” Sakura greeted cheerfully, grinning to greet her friend. “Hello Sakura,” Chun-Li replied, an idea entering her head. She farted and Sakura held her nose, a grimace on her face. “Eww, Chun-Li that was nasty, did your butt getting bigger make your farts stink like that,” she asked. “That’s a possibility,” Chun-Li said, slightly disappointed Sakura wasn’t made helpless by the stench. “How did it get so big so quickly,” Sakura asked. “I can show you, if you like,” Chun-Li said. “Okay,” Sakura agreed cheerily.

“You need to go up to the tallest waterslide though, and then go down as fast as you can, otherwise what I’m going to show you can’t work,” Chun-Li said. “Why would I need to do that,” Sakura asked. “I don’t want to ruin the surprise,” Chun-Li said. Sakura just smiled and did as she was told. After waiting in line a few minutes Sakura went down feet first, and gained a lot of speed down the long water slide, and eventually saw the bottom. Chun-Li was there, she had spread her cheeks and was blocking where Sakura was going to come out, but why was she doing that, what did this have to do with her butt getting big-

Sakura slid most of the way up Chun-Li’s hole, only her head was free , and Chun-Li climbed down and went into a restroom. Sakura’s head was squished between Chun-Li’s huge cheeks and Chun-Li was farting like crazy, robbing Sakura of all the fresh air she could get. “What are you doing? Chun-Li, let me out of your ass! Please! It stinks here,” Sakura pleaded, squirming around, causing Chun-Li to moan louder than she had before with the other two, having nearly came when Sakura entered her so quickly. “You wanted to know how my butt got so big, you will help make it bigger. Once your head goes up my ass you’ll be adding to my big beautiful butt, along with Juri and Viper. And you won’t be the last, so make sure to welcome new additions. Goodbye Sakura.”

Chun-Li let one last nasty blast loose on Sakura’s face and then pulled her in. Chun-Li was blushing and panting in pleasure, and she sat down on the toilet to let the absorption process take place. She farted into the bowl whenever another person entered, to deter others from hearing her sounds of pleasure and also to torture anyone who chose to stay. When the hour was up Chun-Li’s butt was huge, easily the biggest proportionally in the world, if not the outright biggest. And it would only grow from there, she needed to find others to become part of her butt.

A week later…

Chun-Li was walking down a hotel hallway when Cammy appeared before her. “I know what you’ve been doing, Chun-Li,” Cammy said. Chun-Li smiled and said, “so have you come to join in the fun? It’d be nice to have a volunteer for a change.” “No, I’m not going to be devoured by your ass,” Cammy replied, and walked toward Chun-Li. Chun-Li watched her approach, sensing now hostile movements, until Cammy was at her face and leaned in. Their lips met and they began to passionately moan and explored each other’s mouths, Chun-Li farting for added pleasure which only seemed to urged Cammy on. Their lips parted and a smile was on both their faces. “Let’s get back to my room,” Chun-Li said.

In her room, Chun-Li listened to Cammy’s offer. “I want to be your ass slave, you’re huge butt is so sexy and I love your farts, I want to worship it and be near it all the time,” she said, and Chun-Li just smiled. “I never expected that from you Cammy. I guess I could let you worship my ass, but you’ll have to help me find new people to make it bigger. Do this and I will not send you up it, you can worship it forever,” Chun-Li said. “Of course, I want to make it bigger, sexier, I’ll do anything,” Cammy said. Chun-Li nodded and got up. She bent over her bed, sticking her huge ass in the air.

Cammy approached and began to kiss Chun-Li’s cheeks, giving slow tender kisses, alternating between the cheeks. Chun-Li moaned and started farting, unleashing her foul gas into the air, and Cammy’s face. Cammy only sniffed deeply and continued on, thriving in the smell of the gas and the feel of Chun-Li’s cheeks. She started licking the cheeks, tasting her ass and moaning herself, adding to the sounds of Chun-Li’s moans and farts. Cammy began to rub where she wasn’t licking on the huge cheeks, feeling the soft, warm flesh with her hands was like magic, and Chun-Li enjoyed the sensation as well.

After fifteen minutes, Cammy spread Chun-Li’s massive cheeks and planted her puckered lips on Chun-Li’s farting hole. She made out with Chun-Li’s asshole, her tongue exploring the inside despite all the gas flying out of it, making Chun-Li’s moans louder and louder. Cammy took in all the smells and flavors and used them to fuel her passion, licking Chun-Li’s hole and even sucking on it, in a state of pure pleasure as she worshipped the huge sexy ass of Chun-Li. Chun-Li was in a similar state, her farting now automatically blasting, lost in her own bliss she was unaware of anything but the pleasure she felt.

Cammy eventually separated from Chun-Li’s ass and fell back on the floor, panting, her body trying to make up for the lack of oxygen very quickly. Chun-Li stayed still for a moment before turning around and sitting down on the bed, face red and sweating. “I must say… you have quite a way with your mouth,” Chun-Li said, still recovering from the experience. Cammy just smiled, mouth too sore to form words at the moment. “I’m looking forward to our new relationship, and with each new person I swallow up it will only get better,” Chun-Li said.
Well I'm not sure I should even put this up here on DA, we'll see how it goes.

This is my half of an art trade with :weeladxl:. Chun-Li anal vores some other Street Fighter girls but Cammy finds a way to avoid it.

I'm not a big Street Fighter player, cause I suck, so I'm really not familiar with anyone but Chun-Li and Cammy in this particular group of characters, so I hope you all can get past any flaws that might have resulted from this ignorance.

All characters belong to Capcom.
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jahnah Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
very descriptive with the characters only thing is that the way you wrote it it's hard to grasp at each point how big her butt is
RedCircles Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
Wow, I loved this! Surprised that you're not big into SF, cause I thought you used the characters very well!
Sekiko Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Well if I did then that's good. I know a little about Chun-Li and Cammy, but the rest I had no idea what they were like.
RedCircles Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
You made use of the others quite well and how they usually act, pretty great!
Sekiko Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Cool, I just had their sparse SF wiki entries to go off of.
RadRacer14 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Don't see much AV stuff. Very awesome! Do you know of any more AV art/stories?
Sekiko Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! I have seen very little, you could search for it, that'll turn up some stuff.
Blackandblue931 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
This should totally be a new series!
Sekiko Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
If I was more knowledgeable about the series that would be a possibility. Thank you.
Dragster93 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Good one.
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