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June 13, 2009
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A young, voluptuous, blonde-haired woman kneeled in front of a circle drawn on the ground with what appeared to be white chalk on some pavement in an enclosed area outside, which was really only her backyard. She had come across a book about magic and spells, one of which was summoning someone to her position and shrinking them. She liked the idea of having a little person at her mercy, but wasn't holding out much hope for this to be real.

She began to chant as the book instructed beside the poorly-drawn circle and designs in it, and became so immersed in it, she didn't even notice the white lines glowing pink. After a few minutes, a bright flash suddenly appeared, and with it a small figure, smaller than even a doll. He had curly brown hair and was holding what looked like a sword, doing a few movements before he realized something was not right.

"Oh my god, it worked! It actually worked," she yelled out, delighted by this development, and caused the figure below to drop his sword and yell out, startled, and run away toward the grass. "Wait, stop," she said, and reached out, grabbing him before he could make it too far. She held him up to her face, palm flat, letting him catch himself.

"W-who are y-you," the small man asked, obviously afraid of the giantess. "My name is Lindsey," she said. She paused, uncertain of what to say, because admitting that she had abducted and shrunken him with the intention of playing with him was not how she wanted to make a first impression. "Why am I here," he asked, fear still evident.

"I... uh... honestly have no idea," Lindsey lied, not very convincingly, but if he didn't believe her, the little guy obviously didn't want to challenge her. "So, who are you," Lindsey asked, trying to get the guy to calm down some. "My name... my name is Lassic," he said, becoming more calm as the initial rush of panic left him. "Lassic, huh? That's a pretty cool name," she said.

"Thanks. So how did you grow so big, anyway," Lassic asked. "...Wrong way around, little buddy. You shrunk, unless you're an alien or something," Lindsey said. "Shrunk? But how is that possible," Lassic asked. Again, she hesistated, and said, "well... I don't know, it's not like I was expecting a little guy to appear in my backyard!"

"Sorry," Lassic yelled, afraid of making her angry. "Well, maybe it will go away, like a cold or something," Lindsey said, making a note to remember to look up growing spells for when she got through with him. "So in the meantime, I'll just look after you," Lindsey said. "Really? Ok, that's fine with me," Lassic said, smiling for the first time.

She took him inside her house and into her room, where there was a pile of dirty clothes, a bed with white sheets on it, a wooden dresser where she kept jewlery and other important items, and two chairs, one obviously for relaxation, and one to sit while she did work, or used her computer, which was made of harder material than the relaxation chair. Lindsey sat down on her bed and let Lassic onto her lap.

"Hey Lassic, would you be interested in playing a few games with me," Lindsey asked. "Uh... what kind of games," he asked, feeling nervous. "Nothing dangerous," she said. "Just something to kill time." "I guess so," Lassic said, feeling he really didn't have any choice in the matter. "Great! The first game I had in mind is called 'paddleball'," Lindsey said. "Now I know what you're thinking, and yes, you'll be the ball, but I'll be the paddle."

"I'll attach a rubberband to you and me, and then I'll bounce you back and forth against me, and we'll see how many times I can do it before I miss," she concluded. Before Lassic could even speak, she went to her dresser and found a rubber band that was cut, so it was just a line. She tied one end around lassic's waist, then the other around her middle finger.

She left him in dangle for a minute while he was trying not to panic from the height, and then she shot him up in the air, and began. Every second or so it seemed that Lassic was either shooting toward her hand or away from it, the same action being repeated multiple times. As Lindsey got the hang of it, she began to get up, and walk around, giggling at how much fun this was.

She stopped after a few minutes and looked down at Lassic, who was dizzy and looking a little green. "Whoops, sorry, I didn't mean to do it that long," she said, untieing the rubber band around him. "Tha ok 'm fi," Lassic said, still spinning slightly as he stood on her palm. "The next game won't be so hectic, it's called flip. I'm going to flip a coin, and if it's heads, you get to rest on top of me, but if it's tails, I get to rest on top of you," Lindsey said. "What, rest on me," he asked, alarmed. "You're so big though, you'll crush me!" "I'm not going to put all my weight on you, just enough to pin you, make you squirm a little."

Lassic had no choice, so he agreed. "Ok, let me get a quarter," she said, and went over to her dresser again. She grabbed the quarter, and went back to her bed, sitting next to Lassic. "Ok, whatever it lands on, the rest will be for a minute, and there will be three flips before we move onto another area of my body," she said, and smiled. "You ready," she asked, and he nodded, though he wasn't. "Ok, let's start," she said, and flipped the coin into the air.

Time seemed to slow as the coin flipped up, and Lassic watched it anxiously. It finally came down and Lindsey caught it, and revealed it to be heads. "Ok, you get to rest on me. Choose where," she said. "Your feet," Lassic said, not really sure why. "Ok, on my feet it is," she said, and laid down on her back, placing him on the top of her feet, where he layed down.

For the whole minute, he tried to recuperate, ignoring the faint odor, and trying to see if he was just dreaming or not, because this situation was awesome. The minute was up, and she kicked him into the air, catching him with her left hand, grinning. "Wow, good hand-to-eye coordination," Lassic said. "Thanks, now let's flip again," she said, tossing the coin into the air.

It came down tails, and she grinned again. "Have fun under my feet," she said, placing him down, and letting her feet fall on him, pinning him under them. He still had air to breathe, though it was tainted with the smell. He wiggled underneath her feet, trying to get comfortable, while she giggled. "Hey, stop moving around so much," she said. After the minute passed, she lifted her feet up and picked him up. "Ok, one more flip for my feet," she said, and tossed the coin.

It came back heads, and she laid down on her stomach, placing Lassic on her soles. "Hey, try not to move so much this time," she said, and the minute period began. Lassic layed down, enjoying the soft surface, though trying his best not to tickle her. When the minute was up, she picked him up and tossed the coin again.

It came down tails, and she grinned. "My turn to pick," she said, and placed him on the bed, and layed down on her stomach, covering him with her boobs. His face found its way into her cleavage, so he had air to breathe while her breasts covered the rest of his body. For the minute they stayed like this. The next toss was heads, and Lassic got to rest in her cleavage, relaxing and enjoying himself. The last was another tails, so Lassic wound up underneath her boobs again, though to be honest he was enjoying it.

When the coin came down heads, Lassic chose her butt this time, and layed down on her right cheek, putting his hands behind his head as he relaxed on the wide surface. He even bounced on it a little, not resisting while so close to something so huge and warm. Lindsey smiled and shifted, causing him to roll into her crack, and picked him up out of it since the minute was over. The next toss came out tails, and Lassic wound up underneath her left butt cheek. She wasn't putting all her weight on him, but she was pinning him down and grinding on him slightly. Lassic was actually sorry when the minute was up, but was put back under when another tails came out. This time he was underneath her crack, and she wiggled her rump on top of him, until the minute was up.

However, she didn't get up, and continued to sit on him. "I like this, Lassic, do you mind if I keep sitting on you," she asked. She couldn't hear a reply, so she assumed yes, and got up, got Lassic, and moved to her relaxation chair, and sat on him there. Some of the pressure was taken off him, and he able to move around some. There she sat for awhile, reading her book of magic, and keeping her little toy warm underneath her.
I was wanting to do another giantess story, and remembered I'd promised :iconlassic: I'd put him in one, so I figured, why not, and wrote it up.

Hope you like it, man.

Lindsey belongs to me.

Lassic is :iconlassic:
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Prolly not, but never say never.
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